Nursery Terms

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      Brooklands Private Day Nursery
     Greenacres Road, Oldham, OL4 3EY
     Telephone: 0161 665 1119


The nursery opens Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. until 3.00 p.m. Term time only. Parents/carers must ensure they securely lock both gates upon entering and leaving the nursery. Under no circumstances must the gates be left open.

On taking up a place in the nursery you will be required to pay your child’s fees on the first day of attendance each week. Accounts that are not settled by 1.30p.m. on a Friday will incur an additional £5.00 charge. Your child will not be admitted to the setting the following week until all previous weeks fees are settled. Payment can be made by cash or into the Nursery bank account, details will be given upon registration. Should your child have to give up or reduce their sessions a notice period of one month is required in writing.

Parents/carers must supply the nursery with emergency telephone numbers and these must always be up-to-date. The parent/carer has the responsibility to notify the nursery of any changes of home address, work place or contact person.

Children must be collected before their sessions ends; persistent lateness will lead to the termination of your child’s place. On the rare occasion that you may be late colleting your child you must inform the nursery as soon as possible. The nursery has a strict procedure to follow in all cases of lateness, in which you will incur a charge of £1 per minute. If you are authorizing someone to collect your child, you must inform the nursery as soon as possible and the registered password would be used for safeguarding.

The nursery will be closed on the annual Bank Holidays, full rate is payable for ALL Bank Holidays and also absences due to sickness or other.

Parents of children who are not potty/toilet trained are required to provide nappies, it is the responsibility of parents/carers to check the number of nappies you provide each day for your child, although the staff team will give note reminders when nappies are running low to assist you. Full support will be given to children who are toilet training once this has been started at home. Please could you ensure your child has a spare set of clothes at nursery at all times.

Food, snacks and drinks are to be adequately provided by the parent/carer and it is their responsibility to ensure all food and drink meets the needs of the child and the settings healthy eating policy.

Any child who has been sent home from nursery because of ill health will not be re-admitted for at least 24 hours. Any child suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting will not be re-admitted for 48 hours after the last bout of sickness and diarrhoea. Should a child be on prescribed medication, it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to notify the nursery manager and to sign the necessary forms consenting to administering or such. All medicines must be handed to the nursery manager for proper storage. The nursery will not administer proprietary medication. If a child is prescribed antibiotics they will not be allowed to return to nursery for 24 hours. Parents/carers must inform the nursery if a child has been administered medication before they attend the nursery, and the reason why. Children who have been given Calpol/Ibuprofen will not be admitted (with the exception of treatment for pain relief of teething). Parents/carers during settling in may stay until both you and your child feel comfortable and secure in the nursery environment. Parents/carers are more than welcome to telephone the nursery throughout the day to enquire about their child. The nursery also operates an open-door policy to enable you to attend nursery at any time and spend time with your child.